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Investment Thesis

Venture MLS has launched a $10MM fund built to back seed and early-stage companies within the property technology space. Founded in 2021 by prominent veterans of organized real estate, Venture MLS seeks companies that can leverage the unmatched experience, expertise, and connections it holds in this well-defined, underserved industry.

Building in California
Building California

Investment Strategy

Despite real estate’s position as the world’s largest asset class, professionals in the industry’s residential sector depend on antiquated technology. Real estate, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, is the nation’s third largest employment sector. ARELLO estimates that over three million Americans hold active real estate licenses. The National Association of REALTORS® counts 1.5 million dues-paying practitioners in its ranks. Still, as any working real estate agent or broker can tell you, the tools this workforce uses need innovating.

Venture MLS will invest in a portfolio of innovative property technology companies working to deliver high-quality software systems for real estate professionals. The majority of investments in this space so far have targeted vertical integration under a single brand, including brokerages, media advertising, and resellers. Venture MLS focuses instead on brand-agnostic products for all U.S. real estate professionals.

Venture MLS is uniquely situated to pursue all three primary methods of improving a VC portfolio’s distribution of returns:

Source Better

The fund's managers are already well-connected within an extensive network of company founders. As the fund will add substantial value to its portfolio companies, Venture MLS will attract even more attention from the industry's most innovative organizations.

Invest Better

Investment through venture capital is as competitive in 2022 as it has ever been. Venture MLS, however, has a vanishingly rare luxury compared to other VC firms: selectivity. Because of its unique industry position, instead of facing prohibitive competition for investment opportunities from other firms, Venture MLS will create competition among proptech company founders. The fund will select and invest in only the companies that match its vision for the future of real estate technology. Since the fund's managers have unparalleled knowledge of the customer needs of the companies it will consider for its portfolio, Venture MLS alone can provide investors unique confidence in a significant return.

Add Value

The fund's founders have close ties with California Regional MLS, the world's largest real estate multiple listing service. When Venture MLS invests in a company, that company will gain the opportunity to offer its products to CRMLS's base of over 110,000 practicing real estate professionals. No other firm investing in the same space has this pre-built market share. The fund's managers have close relationships with organizations that represent more than 250,000 additional real estate professionals, all of whom it may leverage for further growth. The Venture MLS management team has decades of industry experience, affording portfolio company founders access to a wealth of knowledge and expert guidance. The fund will work closely with founders to help steer them toward successful exits.

Value Proposition

In 2022, raising capital is comparatively easy. The challenge other VC firms face is in supplying value to founders. This is where Venture MLS stands out. Venture MLS offers unique value through industry-specific market opportunities, expertise, and guidance on how to build a successful property technology company. With this proposition, the fund will source and invest in the founders who will drive future markets.

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“Most LPs boil down the venture firm's competitive advantage to one question: 'Why would founders want to work with you?'”

- Mahendra Ramsinghani


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